Virtual Tip Jar for Queer Service Workers.

Development Lead
Technology Used
April 1, 2020 → May 1, 2020

TheirTips: Virtual Tip Jar for Queer Service Workers.

Kassidy served as the Development Lead.
  • Designed, developed, & deployed ‘TheirTips’, a virtual tip jar, to direct funding to 60+ Queer service workers who lost income from tips during the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • Collaborated with marketing professionals to maintain TheirTips brand identity throughout written copy and visual design.
  • Owned all code/infrastructure changes and deployments after initial launch, reflecting team feedback and solving user issues.

Problem Statment

Inspired by a Virtual Tip Jar deployed in DC, we saw a need for supporting queer service workers and performers who rely on tips in our own community. With restaurants and bars shut down at the beginning of the pandemic, these folks saw a dramatic loss of income. Other members of the queer community wanted to find ways to support the service workers and performers outside of physical queer spaces.

Solution Description

TheirTips is a web application that allowed for queer service workers to enter their Venmo/Cash App/Paypal information, and displayed these to anyone who visited the site. Supporters would cycle through the list at random, and then directly send a “tip” to their queer service worker of choice.

TheirTips Desktop Demo
TheirTips Mobile Demo
Instagram The launch of TheirTips.
Github The code behind TheirTips.