Current and Current NYC

Current and Current NYC

Current and Current NYC: Rental Assistance Applications.

Kassidy served as the UI/UX Design Lead.
  • Led the UI/UX design of two applications for NYC DHS, one internal and one public-facing, that will streamline the relationship between the city and landlords involved in all city Rental Assistance programs.
  • Over the course of 12 sprints, owned the functional and visual design of 5 epics, creating 500+ high-fidelity mockups and writing 75+ user stories, presenting requirements to client stakeholders.
  • Conducted user interviews and compiled research into detailed user personas that were used throughout development to maintain seamless brand and design patterns throughout the two applications.
  • Created system branding & style guide (including reusable components) in Figma. Maintained this style guide for design team of 5.
  • Presented bi-monthly product demos to key client stakeholders, building confidence in the high-quality delivery of functionality each sprint.

Problem Statement

NYC DHS works directly with participating landlords to provide rental assistance to NYC residents. Payments are often late, missing, or incorrect, due to data scattered across multiple outdated systems. Landlords have a hard time contacting the city to resolve payment issues, which has decreased their trust in the city and lowered program participation.

Solution Description

The Deloitte team worked to improve the relationship between landlords and city employees, with regard to the rental assistance programs and their payments. We designed and built two interconnected applications, one public-facing and one internal. Landlords were able to communicate directly with the city via a self-service portal, while NYC DHS was able to maintain clean data and manage payments seamlessly.

Reference Contact for demo, as the public system has not gone live yet.