Colorado Hemp Tracking

Colorado Hemp Tracking


Blockchain prototype for Colorado Agriculture.

UI/UX Design Lead
Technology Used
November 1, 2020 ā†’ November 30, 2020

CO Hemp Traceability: Prototype for Colorado Dept. of Agriculture.

Kassidy served as the UI/UX Design Lead.
  • Developed a working prototype of a blockchain-powered hemp tracking system, consisting of 42+ frames linked together to tell a cohesive story that ultimately garnered $1.5 million in internal investment and was demoed to 25+ states.
  • Interviewed subject matter experts across supply chain and hemp industries to identify pain points and learn how blockchain may improve traceability for 6 different user groups across the hemp supply chain.
  • Defined prototype branding and created reusable components in Figma to maintain consistent style across both mobile and desktop screens, and create opportunities for non-designers to contribute to the final product.

Problem Statement

As hemp becomes increasingly popular across the country, states are looking to implement forward-thinking solutions that will aid in tracking and regulating hemp as it passes through the supply chain. Knowing the test results of this regulated product from growth to processing to consumption is crucial for this fairly new industry.

Solution Description

Blockchain as a technology was the inspiration for the design of a hemp tracking system that could be employed by states across the country and used by all members of the hemp supply chain. Creating a functioning front-end prototype allowed stakeholders to visualize how each user group would work together to not only maintain the data in the system, but also regulate the products moving across their state.

CO Hemp Traceability Desktop Demo